A Closer Look at Sustainable Development

Today more than ever, the world has to strike the right balance between sustainability and economic progress. Some extreme measures may prove unsound, however. For instance, to minimize CO2 emissions, some groups advocate a total shutdown of oil production, which accounts for 1/3 of the world’s energy supply. Yet if that were to happen, the world could very well slip back into the Stone Age.

The truth is that saving the environment and growing the economy can go hand in hand. By using sustainable options, industries won’t get in the way of environmental protection. This is the focus of this year’s celebration of International Literacy Day, with its theme “Literacy and Sustainable Development.” Continue reading


Trendy Fonts for Memorable Shopping Bags

One way you can create a memorable custom reusable shopping bag is to use an effective font style to go with the packaging design. The font style should not only be legible even when viewed from a distance but should also be trendy to attract attention. Of course, not all legible fonts are eye-catching and vice versa, which is why you might want to consider the following styles instead. Continue reading