A Closer Look at Sustainable Development

Today more than ever, the world has to strike the right balance between sustainability and economic progress. Some extreme measures may prove unsound, however. For instance, to minimize CO2 emissions, some groups advocate a total shutdown of oil production, which accounts for 1/3 of the world’s energy supply. Yet if that were to happen, the world could very well slip back into the Stone Age.

The truth is that saving the environment and growing the economy can go hand in hand. By using sustainable options, industries won’t get in the way of environmental protection. This is the focus of this year’s celebration of International Literacy Day, with its theme “Literacy and Sustainable Development.”

That said, saving the environment requires everyone’s participation. To this end, consumers would do well to incorporate green living measures in support of environmental campaigns. For instance, when shopping or buying groceries, one can use strong, reusable plastic bags to help minimize the 84 billion tons of plastic currently being dumped into U.S. landfills every year.

Even little things such as opting for electronic bills to cut down on paper use, going to a car wash less frequently, and newspaper recycling can have a great impact on the environment. All these things, if done by the majority of households, can add up and save huge amounts of energy and resources.


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